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Last updated 5th Mar 2021

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  • What is an “Organization Role” in Enterprise Account creation?


Your organization role is by default “Employee”. If you are a leader (HR managers, Unit leaders etc) who need access to organization wide data, then you can change your role to the appropriate ones from the list. When a role is changed from “Employee” to another, a Role Change request will be sent to your Enterprise Administrator who can approve/reject requests.


  • What is a “Worker Type” in Enterprise Account creation?


Your Worker Type is by default “Employee” for all employees of the enterprise. If you are associated / working with the enterprise as a contractor, retainer or contingent/gig worker for the enterprise or from a partner organization, you may choose the appropriate one from the list. Worker type information used for payments and reporting purposes.


  • Can I update my Supervisor email?


Yes. Your supervisor receives email automatically when you get new work allocation, achieve a milestone or make role changes within the platform. Hence keeping your supervisor email address updated is important for your career prospects.


  • What is an employee location? Why is it required?


An employee location is where the employee is physically located. Employees may update this information as and when their location changes. This helps to match work aligning to your location choices.


  • What if I enter my employee id wrongly?


Employee Id is very important for reward payments processing to the right employee. Also Employee Id is used to identify and link your data to the enterprise systems in your organization. Once employee id is entered in Liberwin platform, you cannot change it.

If an employee id wrongly entered, you must create a support ticket / email to rectify as soon as possible.


  • What is the significance of the “Organization Unit”?


An organization or enterprise unit refers to the units you belong to in your organization. You need to select the right one from the list already available. Organizational units are used for reporting purposes to organization leaders. Selecting a wrong organization unit may result in rewards payments not correctly processed through payroll.


  • Can I change my enterprise email address?


Your user credentials are based on your enterprise email id. Hence it cannot be changed while you are in the same organization. If you have changed organizations, you will need to create a new enterprise account for the new organization.


Can I delete my personal data in profile or account anytime I want?


Your profile is linked to yourself and your accounts are linked to your respective environments (e.g. enterprise) where you are seeking opportunities.If you are facing any issues, you can write to [email protected].


Deleting your profile will remove all of your personal data and skill information. Your skills validated on the platform and your credentials will be removed and lost forever.

Deleting the account will deactivate your account immediately and remove all the relevant personal data. 


My Skills | Skill Validation | Skill Score


  • How do I get my skills validated?


In Liberwin platform, you are matched to work when your skills are validated. Each skill requires a certain score to be validated. Each skill can be validated by various methods such as certification, onlines test, testimonials, online interviews etc. 


If you are not able to exercise any of the available options, you can opt for taking internship / beginners work opportunities. By completing internship/beginners work, your skill score can be improved and get validated.


  • How is the Skill score calculated? 


Each of the validation methods has a certain scoring mechanism and can provide skill score when you add them. Each validation method has a cap (max score considered) for skill validation. 


For example, if a score of 5 is required to validate the skill, you will not be able to get all 5 from certification alone. Score 3 may be the cap (max score) for certification score for validation.. The remaining score of 2 needs to be acquired through other validation methods available or through internships.


Your work contribution will directly improve skill scores of the skills related to the work.


  • How does my work contribution improve my Skill scores?


The work you completed will directly improve your skill score if you have received a good feedback rating (3 or more star rating). A work with more hours of estimated effort  will give you a better skill score than the work with less hours of estimated effort.


  • How are testimonials used for validating my skill?


Some of your skills can be validated by Testimonials. Testimonials are inputs received on your skills from others (your colleagues, managers or coworkers). The number of testimonials you receive determines the score you receive. 


For example, 5 testimonials may give you a skill score of 5. But it can vary skill to skill.


My Posts | My Bids | My Work | New Work


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Business Wallet | Personal Wallet

  • What is a Personal Wallet? How does it work?


You receive your earnings into your personal wallet. From your personal wallet you can redeem it to be paid to you.


  • What is a Business Wallet? How does it work?


Your business wallet holds funds from your organization for the use of official purposes (e.g. publishing work or events). Within an enterprise / corporate account, a business wallet cannot be topped up by individuals directly. It can only receive funds from those who have it.


  • How can I get funds into my Business Wallet?


Your organization employees (i.e. Unit managers, Finance managers etc) who have funds in their business wallet can transfer funds to your business wallet.


Dashboard | Insights


Work Creation | Bidding | Work allocation | Work submission


Feedback Rating


Reward Model | Reward Payments | Redemption


  • What is Reward model and how does it ?


Your organization employees (i.e. Unit managers, Finance managers etc) who have funds in their business wallet can transfer funds to your business wallet.



  1. Check with your manager whether your organization exists in platform
  2. Sign up using your organization email ids with password
  3. Follow the steps after login such as updating your supervisor/manager email id after login


Work submission

  1. Go to home page
  2. Tap + option at bottom and center
  3. Follow work creation wizard


Work bidding and allocation

  1. Go to home page
  2. Check new works matching to your preferences
  3. Tap the work based on your interest
  4. Bid the work


Work completion

  1. Tap on the work item from home page
  2. Update with relevant info
  3. Follow the completion steps


Skillset addition / updation / Skill score

  1. Tap on my skills from home page and Tap + icon
  2. Search the skillset you want to add. If not there, write to the platform admin
  3. View the newly added skillset
  4. Update with certifications and online test details to get your skills validated
  5. Ensure it is turned to green i.e., crossed min scores


Funds into business wallets

  1. Please get in


Funds into personal wallet

  1. Completing work will get you respective funds
  2. Other option is to request your colleagues to transfer

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